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Vetere Designs specializes in designing Your space, Your way, at Your pace. How do we do it? By bringing the design studio to you.

Using our high powered laptops and mobile design software, we're able to create your new space while working with you in your home, at Your convenience. We'll even take measurements at your home and put them directly into our system. Then, our CAD and 3D rendering technology will enable you to see your new space with photo realism and our entire cabinet catalog is represented.

In addition to our mobile design capability, we have a design studio at Meelan Floors in Yorkville, where you are free to browse through our displays and sample materials. There really is no better way to experience the quality of our cabinets than in person. Please call to set up an appointment so that we can better serve you.

Click any of the images from actual jobs to enlarge or click here to experience our VR-Walkthrough

*We're also proud to offer multimedia design services for Web and interacitve business cards like the one you are viewing right now. For more information, go to the contact page.